How to participate in ASCOT VR LIVE

Veats Shibuya@VRChat


[Participation conditions]

・ You must have a "VRChat" account
・ You must have the necessary equipment to participate (see below)

[Equipment required for participation]

① When participating from the monitor
・ Windows PC (Enjoy through the monitor screen)

② When participating in VR
・ Windows PC + VR headset (Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, INDEX, etc.)


* Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2, which is a stand-alone VR device, is not recommended because it may stop moving or be difficult to watch due to the limited specifications of the device.

Please connect to a Windows PC for viewing.

[How to apply and how to participate in the live performance on the day]

Those who wish to participate should log in from the VRChat website ( by 3 hours before the live .
Please search for the "Veats Shibuya" account from the home screen and send a Friend request.

① Enter "Veats Shibuya" in the search window on your home screen to search for the account.


② Click the searched "Veats Shibuya"


③ Click "Add friend" to make a friend request



We will approve the friend request sent 30min before the live.


On the day of the live, the "Veats Shibuya VR" venue will open at 30min before the live. Please send an "Invite Request" to "Veats Shibuya" account when the venue open.

Organizer will approve the "Invite Request" you sent, you will be able to enter the venue.

* If the maximum number of participants is reached, a lottery will be held. In that case, only the winners will be accepted for the "Invite Request". 
We will acccept "Invite Request" to the winners, but please note that we will not connect to the losers.

Enjoy the live